Kylie Minogue spent thousands of pounds on a thick head of hair ex

A huge amount have not regretted Australian singer Kylie Minogue, to save thick hair balding groom Joshua Sassari.. If she knew that after sixteen months of relationship and sincere confessions of love she will change, hardly tried to keep the presentation of the British actor. Family friend Kylie Peter Ford said in an interview with KIIS FM, Minogue spent more than eight thousand pounds on implants and hair transplant, that her fiance had thick curls.

According to Peter, a 29-year-old Sass easily spent money on Kylie herself, and she enjoyed spending money on her lover.
“She gave him everything. Kylie thought their relationship was perfect, and was glad to make happy my man. For her it was a manifestation and testimony of its love” — said a family friend.
Recall that while Kylie is gathering a broken heart, her ex-fiancé already came out with an unknown woman. Just a few weeks after their breakup, he strongly demonstrates that his life goes on as usual. In the company of the unknown brunettes Joshua had lunch in one of restaurants of West London, and eyewitnesses claim that they looked very close people.
“It was obvious that they are familiar with. They laughed a lot, and if you do not know that Joshua only broke up with Kylie, you would think that they’re a couple” — said the insider.
Who was this woman, now trying to install journalists.

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