Kylie Minogue meets Prince Andrew

Australian singer Kylie Minogue, which is so often burned with their Boyfriends finally met her Prince. And in the literal sense of the word. According to British media reports, the singer’s romance with British monarch Prince Andrew. Although this information is slightly hard to believe, insiders claim it was true.

A few months ago Kylie broke up with her previous boyfriend Joshua Sass. The actor was younger Minogue, like her previous beloved. The reason for parting steel betrayal boyfriend Kylie and unwillingness to tolerate them. The news came as a shock to fans of the artist. waiting wedding invitations. Minogue was upset by this outcome of their relationship and said he did not expect such an Joshua Roman. However, the actress said about the readiness to live on and with optimism to look ahead.
Andrew, Kylie and I go way back. And last year from the hands of the monarch Minogue received the Britain-Australian Society Award for contribution to the development of British-Australian relations. After breaking up with Joshua Kiley received a phone call from Prince, who wanted to comfort a friend. They met several times for a friendly dinner, and one day looked at each other with different eyes.
“Kylie is secretly Dating Andrew for a couple of weeks. He is head over heels in love with her and has big plans,” said the insider Australian media. Now the audience is looking forward to the wedding of Pippa Middleton, where all will become clear. If the relation of the Prince to Kylie really so serious, then she would appear with him at the Banquet.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk
Photo: http://www.spletnik.ru

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