Kylie Jenner suspected pregnancy

Rumors that the youngest of the Kardashian clan-Kylie Jenner is expecting a child appear in the media regularly, but this time, they seem supported by the facts. The star of the reality show “Life with Kardashians” and her lover rapper Taiga noticed the Cabinet under the family gynecologist Kardashian doctor Paul crane in Beverly hills.

The Twitter user, who managed to catch the lovers at the doctor’s office who delivered Kim, Courtney, and most recently, first saw the baby dream Renee, firstborn son Rob Kardashian, was the first to suggest that we are talking about the pregnancy of Kylie – what the girl beloved take on the member survey.
According to the publication MediaTakeOut, citing the entourage of Kylie, on the eve of the visit to Dr. Jenner was not feeling well and had lain in bed. This is confirmed by Kylie herself video in Snapchat. She wrote on 13 November: “does Not leave the bed today.”
Neither Kylie nor her representative pKa has not confirmed the pregnancy of the girl.

Source: http://www.aceshowbiz.com
Photo: http://www.aceshowbiz.com

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