Kylie Jenner accused of plagiarism

All is stolen to us – this slogan, apparently, is guided by eighteen-year-old Kylie Jenner, to promote their cosmetics brand Cosmetics Kylie. Fans of the youngest of the family Kardashian, snapping the lipstick and mascara for a few days, and Kylie only manages to do advertising images, sometimes very much similar to the works of other authors. Recently, the Cosmetics Kylie page in social network Instagram appeared a picture very similar to the work of vizazhistka Vlada Haggerty, published in September of this year. Noticed this and Vlad, who did not keep his mouth shut.

“@kyliecosmetics, are you serious? Have you got enough inspiration from my work? On the left is my work, published a few months ago, and on the right is the brand @kyliecosmetics” wrote Vlad under the collage of two similar images. As they say, find 10 differences.
Kylie has not commented on this “coincidence”, but many members expressed their “fu”, using Emoji in the shape of a snake.

Source: http://www.allure.com
Photo: http://www.allure.com

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