Kurban Omarov will be tested on the lie detector

Wife Ksenia Borodina will have to prove their loyalty to even the word. Kurban Omarov agreed to take a lie detector to his wife and the mother of his youngest daughter to believe that she is for him – the only one.

Recall that the TV presenter has accused her husband of infidelity and were even ready to divorce a year after the wedding, but now, it seems, the pair found the path to reconciliation.
“Kurban and Xenia always wanted to embroil the envious and scheming. Kurban sure that one of the pseudo friends wife slandered him. Ksenia even listen to it did not want, was furious, then he did not explain and decided to give her time to cool down.
I saw how he was worried about my girls when they went to rest in Turkey, and there began the fighting. As soon as She returned to Moscow, he called her and told her he loved her and to prove his loyalty. Even if you have to pass the test on the lie detector” — said one of the first Bulat reporters.
A petition for divorce nor lobster, nor Borodin never filed, so all the big words most likely were spoken in anger. After the incident, scandal, Ksenia and Omar, according to Bulat, appreciating each other. Now they talk every day, and their topics are beyond the scope of parenting. Recently, they visited the match of beach volleyball. They have ve little by little is getting better.
In favor of the fact that the couple are back together, says that recently saw them in the supermarket. Wife did the household purchase, and then loaded the purchases in the trunk of a car and drove away, presumably home. However on a direct question of journalists Ksenia said that her husband is not yet reconciled.

Source: http://dni.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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