Kurban Omarov began to look worse during the marriage with Borodina. Photo

In the network there are new versions of the pastime of Eid. So, some followers noted how much the man look awful after a few years of marriage, and it’s not even the alcohol. Some subscribers assume that all because of severe Borodina, who had his suspicions “makes the brain” to your husband, as it were, for example, in the relationship with Michael terehin, which could not withstand the pressure, decided to leave the family, the site says life-dom2.su.

Apparently, the same fate befell the Eid. Though related by marriage and joint child male forced to endure. By the way, drunkenness Kurban many also blame Xenia. Especially that the very host of telestroke known for his love of booze and loose way of life, on which is hoisted the faithful.

“And then a year, just two regular drunk, with a good wife watching husband, he would have never looked. You can grow old but not look like a drunk, Normal change, the years go by, you might think your beautiful” – the opinions of the audience were divided on this matter.