Ksenia Sobchak wrote kind words to her husband

Today Maxim Vitorgan 45 years

Ksenia Sobchak wrote in his Instagram a lot of warm words to my husband on his birthday.

45 years ago in an acting family was born a boy, named him max. Now this adult attractive man that’s got a lot of fans. However, to their surprise, the wife he chose ugly, according to many, Ksenia Sobchak. She meets him in love and even gave of his son.

“Happy Birthday, my favorite Maxim Vitorgan!!!! Thank you for what you was not only a beloved husband and a strict teacher, but an amazing dad!” (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author retained approx, Znamenitka) — wrote Sobchak on his page in the social network. — “Looking at you, Plato, I understand how valuable that kind of Person you are!!!!”.

The list of names he chose to start the day in the gym. A holiday is not a holiday, but for health it is necessary to follow and to keep in shape.

“45 on wheels! Thank you all! Roll on!”, — shared with subscribers the hero of the day.