Ksenia Sobchak was condemned for dancing at Church

Attention to Ksenia Sobchak chained even more after she became the candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation.

Not all things Ksenia delight of her fans and users of the Network. So, the other day, they condemned her new video in Instagram in which Sobchak with her husband Maxim Vitarana and another man dancing near an Orthodox Church. Your post Ksenia signed quite eloquently: “About last night, or pussy Riot are not the same”.

The public was outraged not only the open mockery of the Orthodox Church, but the bottle is in the hands of men. Journalists immediately decided to find out what about the behavior of Xenia I think in the Russian Orthodox Church. “We trick people who dance at night with the bottles appears to be alcohol in his hands, not comment”, — quotes the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church, “Moscow Says”.

The Xenia did not expect that her video would cause such a public outcry, and hastened to remove it from Instagram.