Ksenia Sobchak substitute detractors

Known TV presenter Xenia Sobchak has been slandered on the Internet. On her behalf detractors write posts on social networks. The star hastened to explain to the fans.

“Dear friends! I have no telegram channel, and all messages except the ones you see in my official “Instagram”, Facebook and Twitter fakes. Do not get fooled by provocations by enemies,” said the girl.

Of course, the fans paid more attention to the photo of Ksenia Sobchak, which she put with the signature. Fans gave the girl compliments and have noticed that despite the short term social network usage, with the leading profile is very interesting to watch. Indeed, the artist not rarely pleases fans of the novelties from your life and leaves an interesting signature. On her account in instagram signed by more than 5 million subscribers who are not too lazy to leave likes and comments under the photos.

“Repertoire” her account is made up of different images from social events. Also, the girl does not skimp on details from his personal life. She rarely leaves their views at the expense of the big events in society and show business. For example, Sobchak made his opinion on the altercation between the Posner and Shnurov. Leading called stars don’t quarrel and come to her on the air, that would peacefully solve the problems.

“Strange, Mr President, in my view, to shift the responsibility for the interview to the interviewee. This is how to shift the responsibility for bad gig at the viewer. But the truth is that I know you well enough, knowing I have seen what some reason you do not want to talk with Vladimir Pozner. Did not want to open and generally was in the “deaf defense”. It happens, but such a defense is not to break even the nuclear warheads. In short, the conclusion is — better come to me to debate, boys. It’s just the journalist, the singer will give the same equal opportunity, well, do not quarrel or bicker just me in the air,” wrote Sobchak in one of the posts.

Recall that the argument of the soloist of group “Leningrad” and Posner began after the interview, which, according to the presenter, Cords failed. “I was told that it is necessary to interview Sergei Shnurov, as it is at the peak of popularity and all that. Well, come to me Cord. And it was no, I was just amazed by it. He had nothing to say, he didn’t answer questions, it was empty, uninteresting. I didn’t know what he is. I’m not saying that he is stupid. But he failed this interview!” says Vladimir.

Sobchak and she had been the heroine of scandals, which attracted much attention. She was also engaged in skirmishes with such celebrities as Kate Gordon and ballerina Anastasia Volochkova. But, family life and the birth of her son Plato it is much changed. Now, the host pays more attention to scandals, and their families that can be seen in her account.

Source: www.starhit.ru, pozneronline.ru
Photo: www.instagram.com

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