Ksenia Sobchak has frozen stem cells newborn son

Well-known Russian journalist and TV host Ksenia Sobchak has sufficient funds to safeguard her newborn first child from possible health problems in the future. Known for his progressive views Ksenia frosted stem cells son.

Child of the journalist and actor born in Moscow clinic “Lapino”. The next day after birth, the doctors suggested to keep the cord blood with stem cells. This way the baby gets a “biological insurance” in case the many scary diseases. Using stem cells to successfully and efficiently treat many diseases, cardiology, Hematology, Oncology, and neurology.
The discharge Maksimovic arrived and the older children Vitorgan Pauline and Daniel, and also by close friends Xenia Oksana Lavrenteva and Polina Kitsenko.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: https://tjournal.ru

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