Ksenia Sobchak has decided to open with Kirkorov floral tent

And Nikolai Baskov announced the condition of refusing to marry lopyrevoy

The latest shooting “New star Factory” Victor Drobysh, which is already 2 months, can not do without someone discussed participation in the presidential election Xenia Dogs. As you know, the guests participants stars come movies, TV and music known fitness trainers, vocal coaches, acting, etc. During the last shots the audience could see Nikolai Baskov and the king of pop Philip Kirkorov, because it is the anniversary year the next issue of the recital was entirely devoted to him and his work. The project participants went on stage with the stars and sang songs Kirkorov. And Philip was repeatedly brought up on stage.

As the artist admitted, he did not come just because he wanted to congratulate, but to find out who he treads on the toes. “I honestly watch their lives, I’ve always been curious. How could I not come? I need to know who is breathing me in the back!” — said Kirkorov.

However, soon have started to discuss the statements of the Drobysh, as in one of the rooms on the stage fell a rain of banknotes in honor of the anniversary of Philip. Victor Drobysh, pokerwise jokes with the host of the project Ksenia Sobchak, he immediately quipped to her, “Ksenia, it was a rehearsal of your inauguration? Ksenia, but for now you can still go browsing or already have to get up?”

As for Sobchak, it also didn’t hold back in his statements. When Kirkorov is still flooded and flowers, suddenly issued: “the Tent at Belorusskaya metro station might open!”

However, this discussion of the upcoming presidential race is not over. The following shots Ksenia suggested Nikolai Baskov to marry one of the participants of the project.

“Why do you have Victoria Lopyreva? Marry Guzel Hasanova,” said the leading actor.

“Xeni you’re pulling out of the presidential race, and I’m going to marry Guzel!” — set a condition Nicholas.

Now fans are wondering what he will do if Sobchak still refuses to run…