Ksenia Sobchak criticized for unkempt appearance

Ksenia Sobchak faced again with a dose of criticism from their fans online. This time the reviewers did not like the look of the pop diva, they considered her neglected.


Ksenia Sobchak, who recently became a mother and raising adorable son along with her husband, decided to give fans a new photo published online. The image of the famous lady looking base in the smartphone reading some posts. She probably wanted to emphasize this frame of his employment, but actually received a bright splash of criticism.

Fans did not hesitate to leave negative feedback and write critical comments under the picture. They called the appearance of Ksenia Sobchak terrible, unkempt. Among the mass of negativity met advisers who recommended the presenter to wash your hair and do your makeup. The Xenia has not responded to a specific resonance.