Ksenia Sobchak and Vitorgan decided not to hide the son

The famous TV-host Kseniya Sobchak and her husband Vitorgan recently adopted addition to the family. Now three of them, together with his son Plato. Caring parents up to this time concealed his son and showed it to the public. But soon, the audience instagram profile stars saw the video with the little Plato.

A couple of very carefully concealed the face of his toddler Plato, but the fans managed to get a photo of their son during one of the flights. Passengers of the aircraft, which flew the couple and a little Plato, surreptitiously photographed child and sent pictures to one of the most popular TV channels. Xeia Somsak could not react differently and very indignant arrogance. She didn’t understand why people fly in business class, do what they do.

Perhaps this unfortunate event was the impetus for the couple, and the star father Plato Vitorgan decided not to hide his son. The kid already tries to talk, which can be seen on video in his profile in instagram. Happy daddy shared the video, which, as can be understood, sent the nanny. He tries to call mom and dad. The couple left the baby worker, went to rest in Turkey. They are located in the resort town of Kemer, where celebrating the birth of the actor. 10 September Vitorgan turned 45 years old.

the video immediately reacted subscribers stars that have not yet met the baby. They were touched by the video, where Plato tries to pronounce the sacred words. “Now the whole Internet will be “blown up” video from son of Ksenia and Maxim, and the baby is cute,” says one of the fans.

Fear of evil eye kid ill-wishers, the couple put a photo with a child, where the father covered his face with his hands. In addition to parents and a nanny who looks after Plato during their holiday, with the child as a caring grandmother and grandfather Emmanuel Vitorgan.

“Plato is engaged with the ball and doing exercises on the arms and legs, says the wife of the father of Maxim. – He’s a great swimmer. You should see how he dives. Platonic is a real tough guy. Already weighs 10 pounds. Little butuzik. But not fat, and that is tight. Touch legs and she elastic. I love these children.”

Last month the kid was visiting his grandfather. Emanuel celebrated the 55th anniversary of his creative activity and called for the celebration many relatives. “She extends a warm welcome to children, shares with the magazine “StarHit” Emmanuel gedeonovich. – We have a friendly family, and it’s great.” “This time we had another reason to all get together – the anniversary of Emmanuel on stage, – said Irina Vitorgan. – He came to congratulate not only relatives, but also colleagues: Alexander Mikhailov, Brandon stone, Lyudmila Maksakova, Yuri Stoyanov, Anton and Victoria Makarska…”

Source: www.starhit.ru, www.starhit.ru
Photo: www.crimea.kp.ru, hochu.ua, www.instagram.com

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