Ksenia Borodina was an ultimatum, Sasha Artemov

However, to reassure the listeners that were worried about wedding money guys, hastened Alexander Artemov, saying that under the terms of the competition, they still have time before year end to formalize their Union, and this means that they won more money for three months, no one will be able to have them taken away, the site says life-dom2.su.

However, Kseniya Borodina has a completely different opinion. Borodina tired of this attitude from a couple to win, and she gave only a month to you guys to apply to the Registrar. Otherwise money can not see them.

“Why Artemov, not Cousin an ultimatum? And who will go to this show if wins is clamped. For the project one million pennies”, “Course in Cousin problem to marry her doesn’t want, he hoped that the money will give way, but alas… Yes and it seems that they are not together, just Sasha hiding, apparently hoping” – shared his opinion the fans of “House 2”.