Ksenia Borodina wants to go to live abroad

TV presenter Ksenia Borodina was born and lived in Moscow with her grandmother and grandfather. And, despite Italian vacation and to study in the UK, she decided to stay at home. Ksenia’s mother called her to live with her on the island of Capri, where she lived with her second husband, but my daughter refused and took up a career in Moscow.

However, over time, the patriotism of Xenia has dried up and today she confessed that she was tired of life in Moscow and, on the contrary, wants to live abroad.

“I will arrive to Moscow and I will try to persuade her husband to move to China. Well, to be honest, I sometimes think that it would be possible one day to pick up and move the whole family. Children will speak English as the native language, to communicate with people of different cultures. In the end, will live, because to live in Moscow hard, actually sometimes seems that we do not live and exist,” complained the star fans.

“Look at relaxed Asians, Europeans, to a lesser extent, but their lunch is sacred, family is sacred, Holy holidays, meeting with friends Holy, all Holy, all in priority to itself. And we?! Work, work, work, work, work, stress, viruses, children get sick, cold, rain, work, lunch is not sacred (not manage) the traffic. There are way too tube, but they did not notice somehow. And I never knew, but the Chinese are very good people, sooo slow, but are good that all is forgiven. Here Bank employees as the sloth of the cartoon “zeropolis” — there is no feeling of stress at all, there is life it boils, stress is not felt at all. Well done. I certainly surprised my friends who moved here, but honestly I’m quite envious of you. Also want the relaxation, peace of mind and pleasure from life. Most importantly, I almost forgot, here is so humid that your skin always hydrated and cool hair all the other soft as silk and Shine”, — said Kseniya their feelings.