Ksenia Borodina told how it applies to vaccination

I’ll try to answer frequently asked questions. First, with regard to vaccination, a very delicate topic, just say, to impose my opinion will not, and say so correctly, as I do, too I will not. I Mara vaccinations up to 5 years, can’t say that everything was kept on schedule, many had to endure vaccinations, because often sick, ear, throat, nose at all our weaknesses. 5 years removed her vaccinated at all. Gay men are not vaccinated.
Independent private studies (Dutch & German) have found that vaccinated children suffer much more than their unvaccinated peers. If you stop to vaccinate their children, their health improves noticeably. I will not say, look at your children. The BCG vaccine (against tuberculosis) in America and Europe is recognized as completely ineffective and abandoned. My girlfriend did a flu shot to a child, he a whole year had the Flu. 4 times just. Then read what it contains in these shots, it all scares me terribly. The kids are little, as they have to survive. That is up to each parent how you feel, and do as your heart says. p.s and by the way, almost all of my friends their children are also not vaccinated, I didn’t know that, recently when the head of the subject was 90% of them too, as I am against.