Ksenia Borodina made fun of his jealousy

Ksenia Borodina unwittingly became the newsmaker of the last few weeks. Despite the fact that the TV presenter with the press does not talk, and the fans only occasionally throws up information about his personal life, many are convinced that her family is falling apart. Besides her husband Kurban Omarov took control of its business, which Borodin had raised from scratch. Of adds fuel to the fire ex-boyfriend Susie Mikhail Terekhov, who claims that the cause of discord in the family Borodina is her pathological jealousy, which strangles the man who is next to her.

Borodin traditionally silent and does not respond to such statements. Instead, she has decided to sneer on this subject and published in Instagram picture that accompanied with a joke: “the Defendant, you have the floor. — Yes, Your honor, I killed her, but she laykala every picture of my boyfriend. — Justified.”

Source: instagram.com
Photo: instagram.com

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