Ksenia Borodina invited husband to bring their daughter for a haircut in a real salon

On the channel “Father”, who leads the husband Ksenia Borodina, Kurban Omarov, a new video about how celebrity couple first took little daughter to a beauty salon for a haircut. The idea belonged to the Xenia.

Kurban Omarov shared a video from a family trip to the Barber for a “Father.”

Theon has courageously handled the trip to the salon and the haircut session and got a new stylish haircut. The idea is to cut the daughter in this beauty salon came up to her mother, Ksenia Borodina.

Recently husband Ksenia Borodina, businessman Kurban Omarov, started his own video channel called “Father.” Weblog activity bears fruit – the rollers of the first gain hundreds of thousands of views and positive feedback. And heroes his videos become children of Xenia and Kurban.

In his last video showed the lobster, how was the first full hike little Teona, daughter of Xenia and one of the first in a real beauty salon. Eid says that the action takes place in the morning before work, and Xenia had the idea to cut Theon.

On debut March baby to the beauty salon went all the family. On the way to the cabin spouses do it to each other. In particular, lobster celebrates the ingenuity of Xenia, which came up with the idea to bring Theon to the hairdresser. She Borodin does not see anything surprising, and notes that sooner or later cut. And the tee on the way to the cabin asleep.

The shearing process was successful – Theon got a new stylish haircut and for the first time in my life I experienced a similar experience. To the surprise of parents and spectators, the girl behaved very calmly and bravely withstood the entire session until the end. Fans liked the movie, they noted that family life Borodina and Omarova is very harmonious.