Ksenia Borodina has shared a series of fall photos with her daughters

Ksenia Borodina shared with subscribers of the series of autumn pictures with her daughters, Marusia and Theon.

Star mom with the girls walking in the Park on a background of autumn landscape. Fans have literally touched the pictures and said that Ksenia looks good without makeup, at home: “Ksenia, a super photo, but, honestly, Maru’s a little sad in the photo”, “Cool, my favorite”, “Three girls-beauties”, “Cool, always look with affection your family photos. Wonderful children”, “You are good, love You very much. Such an interesting, strict somewhere in something and at the same time very simple”, “Charming mother with two charming daughters, Mara and Take prelusky”, “Such a simple, very beautiful without makeup and pathos”, “you look Great, stylish and fresh!”, “Raising Helen, you look great!”.