Ksenia Borodina disown Borodin Shop

In the life of Ksenia Borodina came the gray bar. All while discussing her breakup with her husband and father of her youngest daughter Kurban Omarov, was that trouble the leading “House-2”, was also taken in the business. Borodin said on his page in the social network that quarreled with his business partners, and now she has nothing to do with the showroom Borodin Shop.

“First your post while I again did not delete, I want to dedicate the history of where his feet are growing and my removal! I know exactly who did it and what method! The fact that I spent a month thinking about how you announce it… I have nothing to shop Borodin Shop! Neither the site nor the show room or on instagram! Judging by the way people behaved with me after I zero raised the business through their name, photo shootings, as I faithfully went to the factories, the materials searched, the pregnant woman went to the factories and searched for a tissue, I agree with people about the tailoring, as I was up every image and with love prepared Luke for you, they thought I didn’t deserve anything! I was deceived!” — said Borodin.

Ksenia was interested in how things are going in her business when on arrival with the guests saw and heard a lot of unflattering reviews about your company. Due to the fact that she opposed to understand everything personally, Ksenia decided to say goodbye to partners. At the same time, though, Borodin is not going to stop and soon plans to start his own company, where she will no longer be partners.

Source: http://7days.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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