Ksenia Borodina decided not to tell the subscribers about the treatment of children

Went for a medical examination. LKH is really the cuckoo, Marusya she is after 2 years because the ear, throat, nose our weaknesses. Thea also made the cuckoo does not cry at all, showed my sister an example of courage.

The whole day together. More you will not write about the treatment, health, doctors, and begin to give advice or condemn, despite the fact that I did not ask the Board. Every parent knows what is best for his child and chooses its own methods remember.

p.s And then the show, I like any here in My blogger tell what to do and bring, and where we did at once begin to write, the cuckoo is harmful. Where do you get this?! Why is writing me?! What I’m talking about calm down, the angry reaction of you not me.