Ksenia Borodina could affect the care of “House 2” of his former girlfriend – Katie’s Zsuzsa

However, most viewers and fans of the youth TV project believes that the reason for this coincidence was Ksenia Borodina. According to the assumption on the part of followers, that dislike Susie the Katy was the reason for the departure of the latter. As you know, after several years of friendship girl seriously quarreled, and with the advent of the new leadership of Borodin managed to find time to take revenge on Catherine, the website life-dom2.su.

Note that Susan has already tried to refute the rumors about the resignation. At least the girl speaks about the desire to devote himself to the family and new relations. Very few people really willing to believe it.

“Olga Orlova, too, should be thrown out for misconduct leading can not mix work with personal life and desires”, “I’m very glad! Susan in the lead was clearly no ice!” – wrote fans of “House 2”.