Ksenia Borodina considered the sexiest woman of the year

The name Ksenia Borodina quite often appears in gossip columns, it is not surprising that the popular TV presenter is growing literally by the hour. The publication StarHit, which is maintained by Andrey Malakhov has decided to conduct a poll among readers to choose the sexiest woman of domestic show-business.

The leader of the rating was Ksenia Borodina. The star of “House-2” gave voice nearly 140 thousand readers, which provided her peremptory first place.

“My dear readers, those who follow my life, supported and wished me well. Thanks to you I was the sexiest woman in the show business magazine Andrei Malakhov StarHit. Week you voted for me (even though I did not ask for and did not advertise their participation wanted it to be honest!) and, according to the calculations, for me your voice left 139849 people!“ – Borodin has shared his joy in Instagram.

Second and third places were taken by Polina Gagarina and Anna Kalashnikov respectively.

Note that positive emotions occupied the first place Borodina is now needed as never before. Recently Ksenia spoke about the tragedy for themselves – she lost her business.

Details of how it happened, She told me in Instagram: “I have nothing to shop Borodin Shop! Neither the site nor the show room or on instagram! Judging by the way people behaved with me after I zero raised the business expense of your name, photo shootings, as I faithfully went to the factories, the materials searched, the pregnant woman went to the factories and searched for a tissue, I agree with people about the tailoring, as I was up every image and with love prepared Luke for you, they felt that I earned nothing (((I cheated. when I was on vacation,I read many complaints about delivery, quality of product and service policies and you understand what you need to do. And to understand why we have a problem! But I was hindered to do it! Not providing any documents! All the proposals that you do may be scams! Just wait for my statements! So,I left Borodin Shop and create their new brand, which will manage PERSONALLY!!! I ask you to treat with understanding to this situation and help me in the future… I love you and always want only the best! I used to work honestly! Never cheated on anyone and so working with 16 years never had such problems! And always adhered to this policy – just honesty! All that is done, all the better! Let the money, fame and followers will bring happiness to these people! And all that does not kill us makes you stronger!”

By the way, fans assume that a business owner Borodina could become her husband Kurban lobster, which, say many, is now Xenia in a fight.

Source: cosmo.ru, ivona.bigmir.net
Photo: cosmo.ru, ivona.bigmir.net

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