Ksenia Borodina can no longer gloss over problems of your spouse

So, for a long time of kseni Borodin told about the lucrative business of her husband. And her statement sounded in light of the fact that the Internet appeared rumors about the financial insolvency of the first moreover, many were convinced that instead of Alphonse Mikhail Terekhina She found the same man, but in the face of Eid, the website life-dom2.su.

Now, however, due to the advertising of the post, which in his microblog published Eid, to deceive anyone Borodina will fail. It is obvious that men are not so good, if he is forced to earn a living through advertising. And that instead of all the time spent on the development of business, and this convinced many, as can be seen, does not exist.

“There’s no smoke without fire, I think, is actually a spouse of Xenia has some problems” – shared her thoughts the audience of “House 2”.