Ksenia Borodina began to lose sense of taste when choosing their image

The situation came to the point that it took the intervention of Ksenia Borodina, which now have the “fight back” against the attacks of the haters. Some members criticized the outfits Susie, noting that from time to time clothes and the way leading youth TV show is getting worse, says the website life-dom2.su.

And if a strange apron of feathers Xenia was ready to forgive, rustic appearance, which was just brilliant neck scarf, to endure. However, subscribers Borodina immediately came to the defense of a leading. The last is convinced that She is dressed stylishly and obviously does not need anyone’s advice.

“No taste, absolutely, from the hair and ending with the style of clothing, She ever takes off his eternal leather jacket?” – asked the fans “House 2” issue.