Kristina si was not allowed to Ukraine

Russian singer Kristina Sargsyan, better known under the pseudonym Kristina si made the list of banned artists, published by the security Service of Ukraine last week. In August, she gave several concerts in the Crimea, and now she can’t appear on the territory of Ukraine for three years.

The citizen of the Russian Federation was detained at Boryspil airport, where Christine was heading to Minsk. The vexed artist already commented on his page in the social network.
“I have 3 hours motosat at the airport in Kiev, was not allowed on the flight, fined, assigned a court and banned entry to the territory of Ukraine. Cho’s going on? Then why did let in? And all because of the fact that in the summer there was a concert in the Crimea” — said Sargsyan. Her guesses confirmed by the first Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Irina Gerashchenko, who wrote on his Facebook page: “Today during a flight to Minsk, and a number of passenger control was identified, the citizen of the Russian Federation, a certain Christina Sargsyan, who works under the pseudonym Kristina Si and recently, in August, lit — were stolen in the Crimea where arrived illegally from Moscow, which violated Ukrainian law. This unscrupulous lady make the Protocol and will be banned from entry to Ukraine. The guards are great, I can if I want”.
Recall that before SBU was denied entry to his native country and singer Natasha Koroleva.

Source: http://ren.tv
Photo: http://lb.ua

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