Kristina Kuzmina: to audition For “Dr.-3”, persuaded me to come Ilya Noskov


Monday, September 4, on the channel Ukraine premiere of the third season of the popular series Dr. production company FILM.UA. In the new 40 series screens come back loved by viewers Dr. Roman Shirokov performed by Ilya Noskov.

The film takes place in an innovative clinic, where Shirokov invites to work with his former father-in-law, but in a new place the Novel, not all happy. Support and comfort Shirokov is represented by the head of the gynecology Department, Dr. Tatiana Sedelnikova, which is embodied on the screen the actress Kristina Kuzmina. In an exclusive interview to ABinform.ru the actress spoke about how got into the series Female doctor, and more.


Christina, your candidacy for the role of Tatiana Sedelnikova suggested Ilya Noskov. How do you react to the idea of taking part in such a long-term project in Kiev?

With Ilya we met for Breakfast in the hotel in Kiev, I have just starred in a 4-seriniyom the film, got to talking and he told me about the continuation of the “Dr.” and that is now just looking for an actress for the role of Tatiana. So word for word Ilya invited to come to audition. I have long wanted to do here, and the prospect of such a long project and the total settlement was very interested. Therefore, the proposal was greeted with enthusiasm and am happy that I approved.

Your heroine Tatiana Sedelnikova – concerned for their patients so that it seems are even willing to sacrifice their own happiness. Are you close to life position Sedelnikovo?

Definitely she is not my antithesis. I am also always happy to help if I have the opportunity. I think so we can make the world a better place. And, despite the fact that some people never dare to ask for help, because of pride or for some personal reasons, no need to pass by someone’s trouble, because it can save a life.

You’ve had quite a lot of scenes in the operating room. As organic matter was achieved in the frame?

With us on site we had a consultant, a professional who taught us to keep the tools were sure that we did everything right. If something went wrong, changed, corrected and we continued to shoot.

Taras Kuzmin (approx. ed – who plays Dr. Chernov) noted that after so many births and operations, it would provide first aid to the woman in labor. And you feel confident in their abilities?

No, in any case! Of course, I would never get past a difficult situation, but to deliver or to do what surgeons do, I never will. I even get a shot agrees to do this only if this will depend on someone’s life – just a matter of life and death would make me go for it.

Have your heroine has a husband and daughter, however, it is evident that it connects a certain sympathy with Shirokov. How will their relationship?

Yes, between them there is sympathy on the basis that they are very similar – both devotees of the profession altruistic. And so gradually there are problems in his personal life Dr. Tatyana Sidelnikova.

In our society couples, even if they have not happy, get a divorce, believing that it would be better for the child. What do you think, is it worth sacrificing his personal life for the sake of visibility of the full family?

This is an incredibly complex issue. I divorced, and, of course, before you make a decision a very long time about this thought: is it worth to save a relationship if the only thing we have together is the child, and it would be good that he was brought up in a complete family. But it’s a double-edged sword, and I don’t know the right answer.

On the one hand, parental divorce in any way causes injury to a child, and what a wonderful relationship you and your husband were not the baby would still arise the question of why his friend lives with his dad and mom, and he lives on two houses. On the other hand, I know many people who grew up in families where the parents kept the relationship just for the child, and they lived in a state of aggression and hatred. And these guys said, it would be better if parents divorced and happy, than they saw their constant scandals and intrigue…

But we came to this earth to live in love and to give love, it is our main mission! And if your life doesn’t, then what is the meaning of existence? I thought that we should not torment himself or the partner or child – if you run out of magic and magic, then you probably should try to find happiness with other people. The decision I took, I do not know how it is correct. But to live in dislike and losing your life is wrong, because life is one, and she never will again. And the doctor Sedelnikova, I think, also adheres to this view.

And how about the fact that the good should be with fists. Our heroes will be able to stand up for themselves?

In the character of the doctor Sedelnikovo it’s all there, sometimes it even goes too far, for their patients, she is ready to rush into battle, defending their interests. But as for her personally, she will never go to defend himself and to defend his truth. She is a person who another ready to break, but to stand up for themselves can not, accept the situation for what it is, and waiting for the natural course of events.

And Christina Kuzmina?

I’m the same if someone hurt one of mine, I will go and speak, I will protect and defend to the last. But I can’t chew anything for myself, I do not like quarrels, intrigues, I find it easier to step aside, so everything was decided somehow, without me and without the drama.

How are your relations with partners on the set?

All wonderful! Taras Kuzmin, moreover, that my namesake, so we and the nature are very similar. Ilya, I do know for 500 years, we had a lot of performances in St. Petersburg play. Then I met with the Kiev artists, they are all wonderful. We went to the theater, walking around the city, I was invited to visit and were treated to incredible Goodies. From “serials” husband of my heroine Maxim mykhaylichenko I even had an acting master class for students was at his performances. In addition, he has helped when my back seized up, I recommend a good massage therapist.

At the site you had many scenes with children. How difficult it is to work with children in the frame? Friends if you and your “serials” daughter Katya Kozlova?

Kate is a professional actress, she immediately raised the contact and mutual understanding. Despite her young age, she is a true professional, who confidently behaves on the court and always comes with the learnt text. During breaks we often chatted about this and that, she is very funny girl. But babies – it’s something magical, touching and incredible. Sometimes in the frame I just couldn’t hold back the tears, though they were not spelled out, because it’s a miracle. Kids – they are so divine that you look at them, and a storm of feelings coming up. Difficult at such moments to play, except for the incredible emotion and love for him.

Well you character can…

Me – yeah, good luck with that, these emotions fully in the nature of my character. But I don’t know how our evil uncle Chernov (approx. ed – actor Taras Kuzmin) deal with it…

Recently was held a presentation of books of your poetry. Poetry is quite personal, not afraid to share with the world?

It was an absolute Scam. The initiative came from my Director, she suggested, and I agreed, but when he realized the degree of responsibility, turning back was not there – the infernal machine was running. So I had no how to finish the job. I just tried not to think about the criticism, how it will be perceived, because if I nurtured these thoughts probably at some point would have said “No, stop, let’s finish”.

I don’t consider myself a poet, just that it is born somewhere in a natural way. So for me to decide on such like to jump into the pool head… But all went well, I got good reviews after tonight.

Again would it?

I have an idea to do a solo performance, to develop the formulation, which we showed in the spring, to make it more rich and full, but while I’m busy. The time probably will.

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