Kristen Stewart commented on the possible sequel to the vampire Saga “Twilight”

The last few years, Kristen Stewart has spent trying to every possible way to disown the film series that made her popular. The actress has repeatedly said that the Saga “Twilight” was only the beginning of her career to continue she intends to do something more serious.

But, like Daniel Radcliffe and his “Harry Potter”, Stuart probably will continue to associate with Bella Swan, and the media will revive attempts to talk with the actress about the continuing Saga.

Stewart herself from such a perspective is not happy. Recently, the reporters, the movie star said that she under no circumstances go back to “Twilight.”

“To be honest, I think we told a complete story. We’re shooting for 5 films — so no, I’m not going back,” said Kristen at the premiere of the woody Allen film “high life”, where she played a major role.

It is fair to say that at this point in Hollywood, even talks about how to shoot a sequel of vampire stories because the journalists ‘ questions were of a more personal nature and interest.

Recall, Kristen Stewart admitted that on the set of “Secular life” she thought, that woody Allen hates it.


Source: popcornnews.ru
Photo: youtube.com

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