Kris Jenner wants to create a children’s reality show

Kris Jenner wants to create a children’s reality show

The mother of the family Kardashian thought about a new reality project, which will be her own grandchildren.

The Western press writes that Kris Jenner plans to create a new reality show, which by all accounts should surpass the popularity of the show “living with the Kardashian”. Reportedly, the mother star of the family is currently working on the creation of spin-off show in which the protagonists will be the children of her daughters and the child of her son Rob.

Not to mention that the show with the participation of the new generation of the family Kardashian could be at times to replenish the family coffers, but how did you learn to journalists, the son-in-law Kris Jenner, Kanye West is categorically forbidden to use their children for selfish purposes: “Kanye was furious when I heard. He immediately went to Chris to personally Express their opinion on the matter. He accused her of trying to use North and St for personal purposes,” said the insider, adding that the rapper never will relieve their children to such shows.

Will I ever see the audience of a reality show featuring the star of the new generation, is unknown, but the idea seems quite interesting and at the same time risky.


Source: woman.ua
Photo: kinopoisk.ru