Kris Jenner drunk on alcohol because the former boyfriend

Last month, Kris Jenner decided to make a pause in relations with her fiancé Cory GEmblem. The star of the reality show “living with the Kardashian” did not feel particularly alone during a full work routine, but on Easter, the lack of a boyfriend seemed to hit her in the head. The woman contacted Cory and invited him to visit her daughters, and a negative response Gamble her discouraged and even angry.

According to insiders, the state of mind of 61-year-old celebrity left much to be desired, and Chris decided to drown sorrows in alcohol.
“Chris and Cory took a break in the relationship, and after last night she would become permanent,” — said the insider.
Since the beginning of their romance, Jenner and her 33-year-old boyfriend were together all the holidays, and now Chris feels abandoned (remember that she initiated “pause”). Cory didn’t like being in limbo, and he didn’t want to go to the party Kim. Chris upset the whole evening was lots of Vino and by the end of the holiday was, to put it mildly, tipsy. Children celebrity worry that this alcohol therapy has become a bad habit their rodstvennicy.

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