Kostya Tszyu showed the younger daughter

For more than two years, Kostya Tszyu was married a second time. His new wife, Tatyana Averina, the athlete gave birth to two children: a son and a daughter. A year ago in one of clinics of Moscow Tatiana gave birth to a girl called Victoria.

For a long time, the wife was hiding her daughter’s face. And just yesterday in the program of Boris Korchevnikov “the Destiny of man” boxer finally showed baby pictures.

“I get enormous pleasure from the fact that I’m a dad. I have two small children. At the moment I’m very happy, I have a wonderful wife, which is easy. She was not married to the brand “Kostya Tszyu”, but just for me. In fact, it took some time: I was married, although we have not lived together. It was very hard. But it is done, believe that I love her. It was no simulated feelings. Many believed that she got married just because of my fame. But it really didn’t matter. I love her,” admitted Constantine.

In a previous marriage that lasted 20 years, Tszyu raised three children — sons Timofey and Nikita, and daughter Anastasia. Now the children live with the mother Natalia in Australia.