Kostya Ivanov and Sasha Gosias on the verge of bankruptcy

However, to the disappointment to the players themselves and their fans, “complacent” they had a very short time. Kostya himself hurried to tell that he had to close his own business, and his potential spouse and all had to leave in native Baltiysk, the site says life-dom2.su.

But Alexandra herself says that her show room is doing well and about any bankruptcy or any financial difficulties of the question. Who is telling the truth and who “exaggerated”, yet to sort out a spectator, and while such a discrepancy in the comments of children can indicate the presence of problems in their relationship.

“And such ducks can specifically create in order to afford to raise the ratings,” “As only being kicked out of the pioneer camp, immediately all blown away! And boast not considered when the security” – has the audience shared their opinions.