Konstantin Meladze was criticized for a Christmas photo with Vera Brezhneva

Konstantin Meladze and Vera Brezhnev not spread about his personal life and do not like to pose for the cameras of the paparazzi. But in honor of the celebration of the arrival of the New Year they made an exception. On his page in instagram Constantine put up a post with a Christmas portrait, where he and his girlfriend posing in formal wear.

The picture was taken during the filming of the program “new year’s eve — 2018” on the Ground. Faith posing in a white fur Cape, and he in a tuxedo. “We wish you all finally believe in magic and to feel the Christmas atmosphere!” signed photograph. But not only comments with enthusiasm appeared under the post. To the side of the picture is sounded and word of criticism. Not one fan noticed that he looks for his wife “like a father”. Some have remarked that the photo was “not very successful”.

Another exception is the recent story Meladze. In one of the editions of Boris Korchevnikov “the Destiny of man” the composer spoke about how they have been wedding with sweetheart in Italy and then tried to hide the marriage with the performer.

Wedding couples was held in October 2015 in Italy, where they spent a fantastic couple of days just the two of us. They staged a private celebration for two, didn’t like what the news went public. The couple wanted to keep the wedding a secret, but they failed. Crafty paparazzi were able to capture the couple coming out of city hall after the marriage and soon the photos were in the media. If a long time after the wedding, Constantine gave scant comments about those days, but now, on the TV show “the Destiny of man,” he told host Boris Korchevnikov of excellent rest and escapes from the paparazzi.

“At our wedding no one was there. We did it in a simple way, two in Italy, one trying not to strain and not to make a fuss. I think it is perfectly natural in a situation where people treat each other with care, don’t want to startle her happiness, but rather want to leave at least some islet a normal human life for themselves. We still someone took the picture has not turned out quite as we wanted, but in any case, we spent 2-3 days like dreaming, and not, as prescribed by etiquette, the complex ceremonial rules, and so on. I’m not talking about myself, but I think people like Faith, which have enough public duties, I want to enjoy the feeling that you are a normal person that you have some kind of closed area where you can be yourself.” says Meladze.

Source: 7days.ru
Photo: www.instagram.com

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