Konstantin Meladze told how he had a romance with Brezhnev – 24???

Producer Konstantin Meladze told the Internet portal Gordon, as he was having an affair with the ex-participant of group “VIA Gra” Vera Brezhneva. Married to 35-year-old artist he is in 2015.

Meladze admitted that Brezhnev initially not attracted him as a singer: she didn’t know how to move properly and sang “absolutely terrible.” Constantine sent Brezhnev courses to teachers in which she a year was able to become a professional artist.

Konstantin Meladze said that about 10 years hiding romance with Brezhnev, by which he gained confidence. He admitted that he too missed a lot in my life because of the “maniacal fascination with the work.” Brezhnev was able to awaken the interest of the spouse to life outside of music.

Konstantin Meladze and Vera Brezhnev | ivona.bigmir.net

Recall that in 2014, Konstantin Meladze divorced his wife Jana, with whom was in an official relationship for 20 years and together raised three children: Alice, Leah and Valerie. In 2015, he secretly got married with Brezhnev in Italy.