Konstantin Meladze first told about the secret wedding with Vera Brezhneva: Public people sometimes want to be left with the feeling that you are a normal person

Konstantin Meladze once again appeared in a Frank interview, delighting their fans. So, in the show “the Destiny of man” musician and producer first told, what was his secret wedding with Vera Brezhneva.

We will remind that Konstantin Meladze no longer will the music producer of the national selection for the Eurovision song contest Ukraine. After this news, the famous musician and composer gave several interviews, which caused a great resonance among the press and fans. In an interview with Gordon Meladze told the truth about the group “VIA Gra” and sang an ode to the Vera Brezhneva, confessing that she brought him back to life. This time, the elder brother of Valery Meladze, who dreams of completion, was the guest of the program Boris Korchevnikov “the Destiny of man”, which was first told about the secret wedding with Vera Brezhneva.