Konstantin Ivanov showed naked pictures Sasha Gosias

3 months ago it became known about the separation of Konstantin Ivanov and Sasha Goias. However, this does not prevent them to closely interact and work together to fly on vacation.

In Instagram the coast publishes photos with Sasha. Under one of them he wrote: “it’s been three months since we separated and living our own lives. But exactly I can not fully let go of each other, as they say, lawless heart. Love will conquer evil as you think?! The tale continues… the World. Give your girl flowers and smiles, be a man”.

And recently Ivanov again surprised followers by posting a naked Sasha. Not all fans are pleased by this shot, but many did and started to look at Gosias the second leg. And the others questioned the fact that the photo is Sasha. Here’s what members write in the comments: “my Lord! People, why you … the fate of these photos? Shrena you bakes “why Kostya puts naked pictures of Sasha”. Yes, because a picture of his beloved, while she admires the view from the window! In fact seen one back on the little people you look after yourself and do not discuss with anyone?!!!”, “Here you moron. Ached, went to shows and secretly reconciled?”, “Juicy wench. Clearly not worm Goias”, “what makes you think that this Gosias? Where there korotkonozhka and nishizeki to this?”, “Hands are still short striking ) and flat butt ) and then who it doesn’t matter anymore”, “I love this photo of her husband quartered, and you Kostya why put up such a photo? Sasha is more expensive to sell?”, “Sasha has a tattoo on her back rose, a big girl, and then not see anything . Maybe it’s not Sasha?”