Konstantin Ivanov nearly lost his legs

A couple of weeks ago in Moscow hurt his leg. Just a little scratch, and of course beat her, self-will. The wound healed, but a slight discomfort felt… Then the holidays, meetings, feasts, as a result of complications, the plane I couldn’t stand on the leg, hurt like hell. From the airport directly to the hospital. Did a job on that leg, did drip with antibiotics, the second day was repeated, the pain began to pass, the swelling to subside. I feel better already! So advice from seasoned, process even small kotska. And it is possible to remain without feet. And this is no joke. And Ty dear in health care. Gave about 25T. rubles. God forbid this is the last heh*nya this year. And thank You for the words of support. All read! You too my antibiotic! All health and good mood!