Kohno and Efremenkova staged a showdown on the project. Video

However, judging by the announcement of the future broadcast, Masha patience ran out, and she was not going to tolerate bullying. Kohno expressed confidence that it will be difficult to leave “Home 2” on the upcoming vote, if the team is so hostile to her, and in proof of his position, she cited the words of Sergey Kucherov, seemed to her too annoying the website life-dom2.su.

And although the man himself was willing to remain silent, his girlfriend Julia Efremenkova was furious by what he heard. The girl recalled that it had supported it at the time, as the team was ready to vote against and not given Kohno, and to open his mouth in his own defense.

“Just Kohno chose to drown everyone and everything. According to her logic, who is louder is right, but wrong. Actually, already got her hoarse, smoky-drunken “voice” – wrote fans of “House 2”.