Known return date family Blumenkranz on the project

It turned out that young people do not worry about how the presence on the project might affect their daughter. On the contrary, Blumenkranz full confidence that they will easily be able to become an example not only for colleagues, but for fans of the TV show, demonstrating sincere feelings and tender relationships, the website life-dom2.su.

Despite the fact that while the exact dates for the return of the Tata did not name, she announced that this would happen no later than mid-October. Also, she did not specify, whether will return in the perimeter of the Marina Christianovna Abramson.

“I do not mind. But in this environment where mate drinking, the child may be. And anyway, why is the project return is married, and with child? They built love. That to look at them?” – asked the logical question fans of “House 2”.