Kit Harrington urged not to blame the young theatre audience for conversations and food

The star of the popular HBO series “Game of thrones” kit Harrington commented on the recently published article by producer Richard Johnson, in which he is scolding the youth for that, coming to the theater, they turn it into a place of snack and talk. In particular, it concerns the performance “Dr. Faust” with the same kit in the title role. According to the critic, the young people talked loudly on the phone and noisily ate.

As for Harrington, he’s not mad at younger viewers, allowing himself incorrect behavior in the theater, and on the contrary, he rose to their defense and said that such criticism may kill the theatre.
“I’m afraid that these kind of stereotypes and superstitions and can die theatre, from criticism directed at the younger generation of theatergoers” said Keith.
Richard Johnson was shocked that the young people who came to watch the stars of “game of thrones”, saw nothing wrong with that, to eat, to talk, to take pictures of the event on phones and generally behave like on the street.
“Since childhood, I was a theater-goer, and I felt that our audience was disrespectful to us. A total of ten weeks I only once heard the phone ring in the audience. Of course, there were camera flashes, but this is unavoidable in any audience. They were not so much to distract the actors and other spectators. I believe that our, the audience greeted the play with great enthusiasm, she is energetic and very sensitive. About more support on the stage I didn’t ask” said Keith.

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