Kit Harrington talked about losing her virginity

Kit Harrington, the star of the popular HBO series “Game of thrones” over the years, the filming of the TV show became a real sex symbol. Thirty years, the artist became the hero of the new issue of the publication of the magazine in a candid interview with who said that he lost his virginity much earlier. than his character in the TV series Jon snow.

“It happened at the party, which is typical for teenagers. I guess I was still too young for this” — said the whale, and the question of whether he was at least thirteen years of age, the actor replied, “somewhere about.”
According to the artist, and him and his partner was more interested in what sex was, and both wanted it. Now the British actor is Dating his partner on the series with actress rose Leslie, a novel which began during the filming of the second season of the show, which took place in Iceland.
“A beautiful country, the magical Northern lights.. as in such an atmosphere not to fall in love. Especially if the person is attracted to you for a long time and plays the role of your love interest in the movie. In such circumstances it is difficult not to lose your head” — told Keith in an interview with L’uomo Vogue in may last year.
We will remind that this year on the screens out of the seventh, penultimate season of the series, based on the motives of the series of novels by George R. R. Martin’s “a Song of ice and fire”. Shooting the latest season will start in September.

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