Kirsty ally was shocked overweight

Kersti Ellie, a Hollywood actress and star of family films can not cope with the extra pounds. Friends celebrities very worried, because the excess weight that’s will lead to bigger health problems, which she has already begun to experience.

The reason for constant hunger Actresses are failures in his personal life. Men do not linger near it, and loneliness too inconvenienced by his celebrity. It is a vicious circle of some sort.
Insiders told the media that the weight of the 66-year-old Ellie already exceeds 277 lb (125 kg), and it does not stop. In 2012, she felt attracted to your partner on “Dancing with the stars” Maxim Chmerkovskiy that after said in an interview that they stopped communicating on the initiative of the actress.
“We communicated very well with her, but I got the message that I now associated with other people with whom she may be associated. She can’t talk to me. I’m sorry, but so it is,” complained Maxim. Probably what Kirsty was forbidden to communicate with Maxim, decided the Church of Scientology, which she is adept for many years.
As it turned out, Ellie began to convince Chmerkovsky that he also must join the sect, but he would not change his religion. Sources claim that religion has restricted access to ally those few gentlemen that she still has.
Twice in my life Kirsty was divorcing husbands and each time it affected her weight. Ellie the doctor already warned her that if not to stop then she can get diabetes, heart disease and even stroke. Meanwhile, the actress has been self-destruction.

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