Kirkorov’s lawyer said that a settlement agreement with Marouani — fiction

A few hours ago, the Network appeared information about the fact that Philip has agreed that his song “Cruel love” is a plagiarism of the song “Symphonic Space Dream” by Didier Marouani in the group Space. It was reported that Marouani filed a lawsuit the claim in which demanded to collect from the Respondent more than 70 million rubles for copyright infringement and moral damages. But this sum the defendant did not want to pay, so decided to go for “world”.


The journalists managed to contact a lawyer Philip Bedrosovich Alexander Dobrovinsky, who said that “the settlement agreement” — an invention of the Space group lawyer Igor Trunova.

“No settlement agreement no, this is a fantasy Mr Trunov — Dobrovinsky said in an interview Life.ru. — Nobody even knows what it is, man has invented. The same thing that we are already a month and a half every two days the lawsuit in the same court, in another. In the US a lawsuit is hanging, then in the Moscow city court. People live in their fantasies and their breathing. If they go to court, the case will be resolved in court. To believe a single word Trunova impossible, everything he says is all fantasy. All that has been said to date, including the settlement agreement, I don’t know where it comes from.”


Source: life.ru
Photo: life.ru

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