Kirkorov admitted that he is not ready to performance of children on the stage – 24???

Singer Philip Kirkorov said that he is not ready for the performance of their children on the big stage. Martin and Alla-Vic, children of Philip Kirkorov, is already actively show their talents, informs “Antenna Telesem”.

According to the artist, the children do a lot of sports, and he is “not pushing them to the scene.”

Philip Kirkorov with children: Alla-Victoria and Martin | Komsomolskaya Pravda “Martin is involved in swimming and martial arts, and Alla-Victoria loves gymnastics,” – said Kirkorov.

The representative of the famous Russian pop added that he does not undertake any measures for the participation of children in TV shows and concerts.

“They were with me on tour in Bulgaria. Since then, the children fell ill of the stage,” – said Kirkorov.