Kirill Serebrennikov: How did the scandal with the passport?

Not so long ago it became known that the famous Russian Director Kirill Serebrennikov cannot go abroad because he seized to check the passport. Presumably, there might be technical and forensic expertise to establish whether the document is genuine. Some believe that such testing has more and the goal is not to prevent the departure Serebrennikova from Russia, but studies like this point of view there. The Director gave an interview in a German online newspaper, where he spoke about the temporary loss of the passport.


Specific reasons why it happened, figure not named, but only pointed out that this may prevent him from working. The fact that literally in the next month, pieces of silver were supposed to do in the Stuttgart production of the Opera-tale “Hansel and Gretel” in which the author Engelbert Humperdink. When exactly the document will return is not known, because the Director only hoped that do not bring foreign theatre. It is believed that a passport could take over the investigation of the case about “the Seventh Studio”, headed by Kirill Serebrennikov was. Three months ago, I conducted searches in the premises of the theater, and then the document was withdrawn.

Now under investigation, accused are indicative of the former accountant, “the Seventh Studio” Nina Masleeva, former General Director Yury itina and former Director of the “Gogol-center” Alexei Malopolska. Kirill Serebrennikov among the witnesses. However, on 9 August Nina Maslyaeva during interrogation suddenly called his name among those that developed the plan illegal activities.

Information on whether Serebrennikov was transferred from the witness in the accused afterwards. However, if the words of Massieu still, once confirmed, then it may happen that with the passport and not only him there are problems for the longer term.

What, in fact, the essence of the criminal case? According to the investigation, for three years, 2011-2014, the leaders of the “Seventh Studio” were abducted budget funds in the amount of one million rubles. In fact, the money allocated to develop and promote the arts. Had to put on plays and develop projects, but the implementation of such ideas, according to investigators, at least it does it only on her finances. In particular, there is a trial around whether the staging of one performance or not. According to the representative of Main investigatory management SK across Moscow Yulia Ivanova, the criminal case was initiated for fraud in especially large sizes. In addition to the above named individuals, among the defendants and “unidentified persons” who were directly involved in the theft. In fact the investigation was carried out a large number of searches. In the press give the approximate number is about 20. Attended law enforcement officials with this matter, a former head of Department of the Ministry of culture Sofia Apfelbaum, went into the current Director of the Russian drama theater named Volkov Yuriy Itino, as well as one of the former leaders of the “Seventh Studio” Anna Shalashovu, and others. How long it takes is unknown.

What is known directly about Cyril Serebrennikov? He is a native of Rostov-on-don, became interested in theater since high school, it was then that the first organized production. However, he studied at the physical faculty of the Rostov state University. In his student years was directing, however, and the Amateur and professional level. They staged plays in different theatres of Rostov, admitting in the future, a very good and marked prizes. 1991 – the time when Kirill Serebrennikov appeared as an employee of the television. 15 years after that for some time he has hosted several shows on popular channels. Also made video clips, documentaries, dramas, music movies and serial projects. In 2008, began to teach in the experimental acting-directing course at the Moscow art Theater and alumni of the course in 2012 were members of the “Seventh Studio”, and later partially transformed into the “Gogol-center”. Until last year called the Moscow drama theatre of a name of N. Gogol, however, Kirill Serebrennikov, he reformatted, making it the troupe is the resident program of film screenings, concerts, lectures and open discussions. Among other things, worked on films and TV series.

In particular, he directed “diary of a killer” for the TV channel “Russia”. In the story, the graduates of one of the Universities decided to organize a festival on the territory of the Historical Museum, where among archival information randomly find a personal diary of the student Voinov from 1919, which stated that it killed 5 people. Further line of the plot fail to reveal the terrible crimes of our time just on the misdeeds of the past.

Of his last works – the drama “the Apprentice,” based on the play by Marius von meyenburg. The picture was presented in 2016, and very like the critics at the Cannes festival. Also noted was written for the film music. The film tells the story of how an ordinary student, high school student, he joined the religion, bringing it up to fanaticism. His actions affected all of the surrounding school. The picture shows what are the dangerous side to this kind of beliefs.