Kinosalona DC is preparing a second “Man of steel”

Kinosalona DC is preparing a second “Man of steel”

Warner Bros. began development of a sequel to “Man of steel”.

In the depths of kynoselen DC Comics begins the sequel to “Man of steel”, reports the website The Wrap. The owners of the franchise from Warner Bros. gave the “green light” to continue the development of the 2013 film by Zack Snyder who is running kynoselen.

“Man of steel” was the first solo release of rebooted Superman as portrayed by Henry Cavill. The movie earned $668,05 million, of which $291,05 million on the American market. Critics met the film cool, but as of 2016, after three releases of kynoselen DC, it turned out that the “Man of steel” the best critical assessment of all the available films in the franchise.

The website Rotten Tomatoes, hateful fans of the comic book universe, recorded a 55% positive reviews based on top critics have 49%), while the following two films of the franchise, “Batman V Superman: dawn of justice” and “suicide Squad”, was expecting a cold shower of scathing reviews, and insulting to the fans of numbers — respectively 27% (top critics — 23%) and 26% (top critics — 19%).

Man of steel 2″ is in the beginning. Schedule of films kynoselen is scheduled till 2020, which, however, does not negate any progress. Besides two slots remain free. On October 5, 2018 and November 1, 2019, the stated anonymous projects of the franchise. In parallel, development of a personal project about Batman, which is Ben Affleck. It is likely that these two slots will go under a new solo picture for Superman and Batman.

Following the meeting between the two superheroes will happen in the crossover kynoselen “justice League”, in which Zack Snyder will gather under the banners of the Central characters of the franchise (besides Batman and Superman, this Wonder woman, Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg) and trust them one in the mission. The analogue of “marvel” “the Avengers” will be released on November 17 of the following year.


Source and photo: kinomania.ru