Kim Kardashian will launch its own reality show

Kim Kardashian will launch its own reality show

The reality star is planning to move on the other side of the camera.

The Kardashians almost ten years living on the screens of million of the public. And despite the fact that each of the members of the family is a kind of “star” of the show, you can’t deny that Kim Kardashian has long held the unofficial title of the “face” of the project. However, as “the body”. Despite the popularity of the show, Kim decided to leave the screen and try your hand on the opposite side of the camera. 35-year-old star is preparing to launch its own reality show which will act as Executive producer.

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According to sources, currently a new project has no name, but we know that the main characters in it will become beauty bloggers, which converge in the race for the post of Director in Kardashian Apps.

Kim plans to take an active part in the whole process: “She will personally test all candidates and plans to find the best blogger for the job.”


Source and photo: woman.ua