Kim Kardashian wears the clothing of her husband

Kim Kardashian wears the clothing of her husband

Kim Kardashian can be seen more often in men’s things – and the reality star decided to comment on changes in their wardrobe. In an interview with People, Kim said that almost half of the wardrobe was borrowed from his wife of Kanye West.

Kardashian admitted that it was Kanye forced her to radically change his style: “a Few years ago he sent me a stylist and said that I have to clean out your entire closet. All of these things I saved for my daughter – before I had a daughter, that she once saw them”.

Now West was for Kim, not only a husband but a kind of a personal stylist: “Kanye really inspires me and introduced me to a lot of people from the fashion industry, whose taste I very much respect”.

“I always steal his shirts I actually wear half of his wardrobe and half his,” admits Kardashian.


Source and photo: segodnya.ua