Kim Kardashian was suspected of asceticism in order to reduce buttocks

After the birth of second child Kim Kardashian snapped into its shape. Star TV has decided to reclaim the form which was before the first pregnancy. Kim managed to throw off those extra pounds. Now Kardashian actively shows his toned body and shows off the results of their transformation. That’s just pop on a background of thinner legs, arms and body in General looks too massive. Therefore, according to entourage star, she decided to reduce it.

Recently Kim became rarer to catch the eye of photographers, the paparazzi. It turns out that the reason is quite simple – at this time Kardashian made the surgical reduction of the buttocks.

Incidentally, all the Kardashians is in Costa Rica. Paparazzi managed to spy on the rest of celebrities. some of the “voyeur” said that the volume of Kardashian really decreased.

Source: cosmo.ru
Photo: cosmo.ru

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