Kim Kardashian took the kids and moved from her psychopath husband to mom

Quarrel in the family of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian began after a woman became the victim of a robbery in Paris. Kim was quite difficult to cope with emotions, her inhibitions panic attacks, but instead support your favorite, Kanye started to do strange things. The last straw was a concert of the West in Sacramento: the rapper came on stage and instead of singing, he began to blame Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z. the Audience booed Kanye, and he left the room half an hour after the beginning of the concert.

After the concert it was announced that future appearances (21 concerts) cancelled without any reason. Recently Kanye and all came to a psychiatric clinic, where he was taken forcibly. Such measures had to go due to the fact that Kanye flipped out in the gym located in the home of his personal trainer. The singer attacked the staff and the owner of the gym called therapy West. After seeing Kanye, Dr. Michael Farzam called for psychiatric help and warned that the patient could attack the medics, when they will take him to the clinic. Kanye really resisted, and he was handcuffed.

Of course, the problems the West has not spared his family. Kim at the time was not anywhere near West. She was in new York, where was going to attend a social event, but learning about what does her husband, dropped everything and flew to him.

Sources say that the inadequacy Kanye was the last straw for Kim and she decided to give their family a break from each other. Along with the Kardashian children moved to her mother’s. West is still in the clinic.

What will, hard to say. Recall that recently someone was talking about finding a surrogate mother for the birth of the third child…



Source: kp.ru

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